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Yamaha New Boat Models


Kentucky loves YAMAHA Boats.

When Stokley’s Marine decided to become a YAMAHA boats dealer we were new to the jet boat business, but it didn’t take long for us to become believers. YAMAHA jet boats are ideally suited for the waters of Central Kentucky where rocky shorelines and submerged timber deal punishing blows to traditional outdrives. And YAMAHA’s legendary commitment to quality stands fully behind the all-YAMAHA boat and drivetrain.

Through over a decade of sales we have learned a number of things. First, Yamaha boat owners rarely trade out of their boats. If they do, they either trade into a newer version of their current boat (capitalizing on Yamaha’s continuously-improving offerings) or trade into a larger model. They don’t trade away from YAMAHA brand. Second, when they do trade, their boats hold their value in the used Yamaha boat market. We have consistently seen a strong demand for late-model, used YAMAHA jet boats in the Lexington area.

America’s #1 Runabout

There’s a reason why Yamaha Boats are the best-selling runabouts in the country today. In fact, there are a whole bunch of reasons. Here are a few.

Jet Propulsion

Let’s face it. Propellers are vulnerable. And dangerous. Traditional inboard/outboard (or “sterndrive”) designs are exposed to obstacles beneath the surface of the water. Further, they require a great deal of maintenance. With power tilt and trim systems, gearcases, props, bellows, gimbal bearings, universal joints, and the requirement for winterization, sterndrives are costly, high-maintenance systems.

On the other hand, Yamaha jet drives are simple. Nearly bullet-proof engines turn an impeller. Water comes in; water goes out. It’s that simple. No exposed outdrive. No propeller. No winterization schedule that leaves you in dry dock for 6 months or more of the year.

Advanced Responsive Handling

Yamaha boats all come with Advanced Responsive Handling systems. This means that operating your boat at idle speed or in the close quarters of a marina presents no challenges. Likewise, on-plane tracking remains completely solid as the Articulating Direction Keel keeps the boat securely centered on course. Unlike the jet boats of old, Yamaha boats offer all of the benefits of jet propulsion without the previous issues.

Yamaha has even innovated a cleanout system for the engine intake(s). Rather than swimming under the boat (as you would with a wave runner) to clear a blockage, Yamaha boats feature an above water access port built into the swim platform. By removing a cap, the operator can typically clear a blockage simply, quickly, and safely.

Legendary Reliability

Anyone familiar with the Yamaha brand knows of the company’s reputation for building quality products. Our customers rave about the amazing reliability, ease of operation, and low cost of ownership of their YAMAHA jet boats.

Check out our current inventory (below). You’ll find a terrific range of options, styles, and sizes ranging from 19′-24′. Whether your passion is fishing coastal bays in a center console, wake-surfing for miles at a time, or simply cruising at dusk, we have a model for you!