Boater Resources

Boater Resources

Stokley’s Marine is happy to share the following boater resources. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference. And if you have a suggestion for information you’d like to see here, please let us know!

Boat Safety, Education, and Regulations

Does the thought of launching a boat give you nightmares? Do you shudder at the idea of boating on a crowded lake? Does a windy day keep you at home in front of the TV instead of out on the water? If so, you may be due for some confidence-training!

Check out these online boater education courses. They’re designed for learners at all levels. The courses feature the most up-to-date information about boater safety and regulations. And perhaps most importantly, they will give you the confidence you need to safely enjoy your boating experience. Plus, you may even get a discount on your boat insurance once you’ve completed a course!

Boater Safety & Education


Kids standing in front of a fishing regulations sign holding a catfish and smiling. Background sign includes age, creel, and size limits. Boater Resources

Looking for a one-stop guide to all things fishing and boating in Kentucky? The 2018-19 Guide covers fishing regulations, size limits, boating regulations, and more. Get access to a .pdf version here:

Kentucky Fishing & Boating Guide


Time to renew your license? Or maybe you just have some relatives in from out-of-town and want to keep them legal? Here is a link to information about requirements for anglers. Licenses can be purchased online through this site:

Kentucky Fishing Licenses


Current Conditions

Wouldn’t it be nice to know lake conditions before you head to the water? Use these links to get real-time data on local weather, lake levels, winter and summer pools, river flows, and more.

Local Weather & Forecast

Kentucky Lake Levels (current)

Kentucky River at Frankfort (Lock and Dam 4)

Kentucky River at High Bridge (Lock and Dam 7)

Kentucky River at Valley View (Lock and Dam 9)

Dix River Tailwaters (below Lake Herrington)

Wolf Creek Dam (Lake Cumberland / Cumberland River) Generation Schedule

All USGS Streamflow Gauge Reports for Kentucky


Places to Fish

Are you ready to explore some new fishing spots? Thanks to Kentucky’s Voluntary Public Access program, new locations are opening up every year. Check here for the latest spots, as well as time-tested locations.

Where to Fish